My name is Brooklyn and I love craft beer! I’m here to write about new beers I try, beers I like, new trends and happenings in the world of craft beer and other fun stuff about craft beer.

I started off as the Food and Beer Critic for Oregon State University’s The Daily Barometer and when I graduated I needed another venue to write about beer. So here we are!

Not only am I a proud craft beer drinker, but I’m also a Certified Cicerone Beer Server at a local tap house/brewery/bottle shop in Portland. Not only do I like to share my beer with the world via this blog, but also across the bar while handing over a perfectly poured brew to another craft beer drinker.

Thank you for stopping by and reading about my adventures and thoughts on craft beer. If you feel so inclined, share it with your other beer-loving friends- because that’s what craft beer is all about.


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