Elemental Cider Review

For many, hard cider is a hit or miss drink; some don’t like it because of sweetness or because it has the appearance of being just a simple drink, without the complexities and niche practices of beer brewing and fermentation. Craft cider has it’s own spot in the craft drink world and it is time to start seeing past just the apples. I’m a beer drinker and fanatic, but I do enjoy a good cider- especially of the hopped, dry, or interesting fruit variety.

Elemental Hard Cider out of Woodinville, WA brings a different selection of flavors to hard cider and can be lost in the crowd of ciders on the shelves. I thought this would be an interesting new cider to try because I’ve never had any of Elemental’s offerings and I’m partial to pomegranate.

This drink pours an elegant deep pink with nearly no head, with a nose detailing more to the apples rather than the pomegranate. The neat addition of the pomegranate lends itself to the color of this lightly carbonated cider that looks and feels more like a wine.elemental-cicer-pomegranate

While drinking the cider you get the initial taste of the dry apple and then you get the slightly tart flavor of the star ingredient. Elemental add to the flavors of their ciders by using cold fermentation to preserve the fruit taste and aroma in the finished drink, and by using this process the characteristics of the fruit stay in tact. The Oxygen is an easy-drinking cider with a thin mouthfeel without any bitter or sweet aftertaste.

I really like the dryness of this cider and the tart taste from the pomegranate, a glass of this makes for a great companion with Netflix after a long day at work. If you’re looking for a refreshing and unique cider, then I suggest trying the Oxygen cider or any of the other bottles from Elemental.


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