New Year, New Beer

For all of you who have followed my blog or at least had some iota of interest in my ramblings here have noticed that I have seriously been slacking on posting new blogs.

For all those who care, I apologize.

Since October I have moved to Portland and have started working in the craft beer industry. Yes! I get to work with beer everyday now! I’ve been working at Portland Kettle Works and The Labrewatory as the Social Media Manager and Marketing Assistant for both companies, as well as random errand runner.

I’m so happy that I get to be in this industry in Portland, it makes me excited to go to work everyday. And because of my awesome employment I have slacked on my personal beer blog.

One of my goals for 2016 is to get back on track with writing about my beerventures in the new year. So far I’ve had a few, like going to the bottle release party for Breakside Brewing’s Salted Caramel Stout, trying out several new breweries in Portland, going to Mazama Brewing’s Darks Winter Ale Fest, becoming a beer-tender, helping organize and run the grand opening for The Labrewatory and many more.

My passion for writing about or drinking beer hasn’t diminished, just my free time to write about it. Beer still runs through my veins and is still a very important part of my life. I’m working on getting back into the posting game and bringing you all in on my trek in the world of beer, professionally and personally.


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