To All the Beer Lovers, This is For You

Hello and welcome to Brooklyn’s Beer Blog!

You’ve guessed it, I’m going to be blogging about beer (although not always in an alliterative fashion.)

To put it simply and complexly: I love beer! I love everything about it, the taste, process, history, culture, people, brewpubs, science, creativity and the great times you have over a pint with a friend or stranger. What is not to love about beer? It is a frothy and cold way to end a day and to make new memories.

My name is Brooklyn and I live in Oregon- the perfect place for beer. I have been drinking and learning about craft beer for over a year and I am completely hooked. One of my greatest past-times is to wander the beer sections of grocery stores, listening to what 6-pack, .22 bottle or case calls to me next. I follow other beer blogs, sites and social media pages and I enjoy keeping up-to-date on the current trends in beer, which brings me to this project.

I’m starting this blog to talk about the current trends and issues in the craft beer world and to write about my fun and continuing experiences with craft beer. This blog is a continuation of the work I have been doing for over a year, writing about beer. I recently graduated from Oregon State University (go beavs!) and during my time at OSU I was a columnist and the Food/Beer Critic for the newspaper The Daily Barometer. Every week I would write something about beer, how rad is that? I started writing about beer because I have such a passion for the beverage. Now that I am no longer a student I wanted to continue my writing and research, so here I am. I’m very excited to start this project and I hope that you will tune in as well. I already have an ambitious amount of ideas to write about, which is always a good sign when you leap into sharing your writing. With this site I also have the ambition to start a dialogue with other craft beer lovers out there. So if you feel so inclined, comment and share away! One of the biggest reasons I love beer so much is the great community around the craft and I want to have that reflected here.

I’ll be ending all of my posts with the same signature and since this is the first I’ll explain its simple meaning. “Prost!” means “cheers” in German, the original language of beer if you will.

Prost! To all the great beer and to all you readers!

One comment

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about a fellow fan and author! You seem to have a ton of drive to share your love of beer with others and expand your knowledge all around. Well done! Great idea


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